Related Services

Containerized, climate controlled storage

We can assist you in the storage of your belongings, whether it is extra furniture, household goods, office furniture, business records, or any other item. Whether you need short-term or long-term storage, our warehouse is here to safely store your goods. Contact us to find out more about our storage facilities.

International moves for both household goods and electronics

DFW Moving and Storage has been providing international cargo and relocation services for over 30 years. Whether you're moving your family or your office, choose Unigroup Worldwide UTS. With our network of over 800 worldwide agents, you will not have to be concerned about the whereabouts of your belongings. Contact one of our International Moving Experts for assistance in everything from moving your belongings to help in getting acclimated to a new culture.

Auto transport and storage

Let us handle your needs for storing and/or transport of your vehicles! This service is fully insured and will be handled with the same care as when it came from the factory, from the time we leave with your keys, to the time we deliver to your new location.

Custom crating and packing services

Use our professional services, for peace of mind, when moving larger breakable items. We will build a custom crate to stabilize items such as granite, marble, beveled glass, pool table slates, antique or valuable artwork. We can also send our professional pack crew, to handle any of your packing needs.

Relocation assistance including temp housing, job placement assistance, mortgage and real estate services

Added Value Relocation Services for Your Employees:

  • New Community Information – DFW Moving and Storage can provide your transferees with data on metropolitan areas throughout the United States via the internet. This includes demographics, climate, crime, education, health, and housing.
  • Realtor Recommendations – DFW Moving and Storage will assist transferees with finding a real estate agent to both sell their existing homes and purchase new homes.
  • Mortgage Assistance – DFW Moving and Storage can assist the transferee with the financing of their new home while helping them control their costs. Special features such as pre-approvals, buy-downs, and closing specials may be available to your employees through specific relocation mortgage programs.

What they did: Really professional, held to the guaranteed price, checked up on us on pack and load day, driver and helpers were fantastic. Mr. David Wright, July 2007

Dallas to Penn

the crew took extra care to be sure things were handles with care, when some pieces needed to be moved a second time, their attitude was both cooperative & friendly. Very nice people. Ms. Ann Stuart, September 2007

Dallas to Madison, Wisconsin

He (the driver) took extra care of my things-so easy to work with. (He) helped me move furniture around-really went out of his way to put things in place for me. Ms. J. Scarlet, August 2007

Dallas to Whittier, California

the driver, Chris Dozier, was one of the most professional. Kind, caring and informative drivers we have ever met. As for the crew- AWESOME!! Terrific group of guys, kind, courteous, etc… Mr. David Schneider, July 2007

Dallas to Dallas

the entire staff was very responsive, helpful and made our move pleasant experience. Mr. Steve Farrell, October 2007

intra Texas and local move

They (the crew) had a fantastic attitude and sense of humor and really put me at ease w/ the stress of the move. John (the driver) kept me informed the entire length of the move and was wonderful. Mr. Fred Clough, August 2007

Las Vegas to Dallas

We had a great experience with everyone we delt with, but John (the driver) communicated really well when he would be here and showed up on time early on a Saturday morning. Mr. M. Hancock, August 2007

Dallas to Phoenix, Arizona

Because of the property location, he had to park his truck some distance away. The result being that every piece of furniture and boxes taken off the truck had to be walked a long way. His attitude was A-1 when he performed his job. Give him a medal. Mr. D. Kline, October 2007

Dallas to Detroit, Michigan

We were not ready when he (the driver) showed up. He was very understanding and kind, allowing us an additional 24 hours and still delivered on time. He was great! Ms. A. Meeks, September 2007

Dallas to Pueblo, Colorado

She, Eileen, was the coordinator I talked to in Dallas. She was always helpful working out the payments since I was doing storage and multiple moves and was out the country on my honeymoon the week before the final move, but everyone else was great too! Ms. J. Ely, August 2007

Dallas to Phoenix, Arizona and multiple locations